The power of knowledge

Our clients are highly professional organizations who find that leveraging external knowledge support maximizes value, highlights potentially unseen pitfalls, and saves many research hours.

Who we serve

Our clients are professionals from top-tier management consulting firms, investment teams and corporations of different sizes - they are specialists within their domains and possess significant decision-making power. As a result, our clients put a high value on the quality of the individual expert engagement which aligns well with our flexible customized approach.
We have a well-proven edge in supporting clients which operate in or out of the Nordics, as we help them answer questions like: what are the current dynamics and future outlook of this industry, how is this company perceived by its customers and competitors, and how can I avoid any post-investment surprises?


How is the target company perceived by its competitors and customers?


What are the current dynamics and future outlook of this industry?


What does the regulation and competitive landscape look like for this adjacent market?

How we add value


Based on your specific requirements, we custom-source and pre-screen each expert, which may include former executives of a target company, specific competitors and customers as well as geography-specific experts.

High-touch service

One-point contact across all projects and engagements who is fully committed to your success regardless of the inquiry.


90% of all phone-based interactions are completed within 0-3 days from we get the client brief. We adapt our sourcing process to your timeline.


All interactions are protected by a strict non-disclosure agreement and are facilitated within a rigorous compliance framework.

Want to know more?

We offer both pay-per-use and subscription-based solutions and we always operate from a "no cure - no pay" principle.