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Freeze dried food producer Drytech expects solid 2020
September 25, 2020
Revenue (EUR 000')
3Y Sales CAGR
Food Production
Lill Oddlaug Hansen
Key Shareholder ("KS")
Age of KS (estm.)
Ownership and Management
Next generation's role
Through the brand “Real”, the Tromsø-based company Drytech supplies freeze dried food to retailers, also having the Norwegian Defense Forces in its customer base. During the pandemic, the company with a 4.7% 3y CAGR experienced a double positive effect, with Norwegians hamstring durable food as well as increased activity in the Norwegian outdoors. The company, which delivered sales of NOK 146.2m in 2019, expects that 2020 will become a solid year financially. The company is today majority owned by Lill Hansen (51%, 78y), while the children Head of Quality Randi (50y) and CEO Trond (55y) both are involved with an equal ownership stake of 24.5%.
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