For Experts

If you have been approached by a member of our team, it is because we believe your knowledge would be highly valuable to a current client of ours, and that a potential consultation would not represent a conflict of interest or any breach of confidentiality commitments.

Why advise as an expert through NKP?

Flexible and Non-Binding

Depending on your preferences and availability, most consultations are just 1-hour on the phone at a time that suits you, and you can always decline to consult.

Tap Into Fresh Perspectives

Engaging in confidential phone meetings with top investors and business decision-makers automatically provides you with fresh perspectives and updates on your industry.

Financial Gain and Network

The phone-based consultations may lead to invitations for ongoing advisory and board work, of even a new role, plus we are happy to compensate you for your time.

A Confidential and Compliant Setting

You will never be asked to disclose any confidential or sensitive information about your current employer or others, and your insights will never be shared publicly.

Working with Nordic Knowledge Partners

Most of our experts are senior professionals often working with tight schedules - as a result we operate a high-touch service model where we take care of all the practicalities and ensure each engagement is compliant.

What our experts say

"NKP’s deep knowledge of the Nordic business scene provides Experts with consulting opportunites not available elsewhere"
Bertrand Carreau
✔ Expert with Nordic Knowledge Partners Since 2016
✔ Former CEO of Yoplait Fresh Dairy, in charge of European Subsidiaries and Franchisees.
"Your on-boarding process was smooth and efficient, and you only reach out when there is a good fit"
Christian von Buchwald
✔ Expert with Nordic Knowledge Partners Since 2016
✔ Chief Surgeon ENT-Department at the University Hospital of Copenhagen, Denmark
"It is always interesting to discuss potential cases with the kind of investors you are working with"
Rasmus Helmich
✔ Expert with Nordic Knowledge Partners Since 2017
✔ Former CEO at Nordic Communications Infrastructure Provider NiaNet

How it works

After you have been contacted on LinkedIn or email by a member of our team (and you responded), this would be the usual process - our clients typically work with rather short deadlines (1-3 days), so the earlier you get back to us the higher the likelihood of the consultation getting confirmed.

1. Intro call with your NKP-contact

10-15 min. informal dialogue around your knowledge of the subject, our concept, and which parts you can (or cannot) cover and when/whether you would be available for a call with our client.

2. We set up the consultation

Once we have the match and time slot confirmed by you and our client we circulate calendar invitations - all calls are hosted as conference calls on our secure lines, and your contact details are not shared.

3. Phone meeting with the client

We provide a local dial in number and a pin for you to call at the agreed time, and the phone meeting can begin - naturally, you will know the agenda and questions in advance of the call.

4. We compensate you for your time

Once the phone consultation is completed we take care of all the admin work and process your payment as a bank/wire transfer or through PayPal or we can donate to a charity of your choice.

Want to know more?

We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have, and we would greatly appreciate to hear from you if you are interested in joining our network - you can also have a look at the "Resources" tab in the upper right corner for more information on the expert network industry and NKP.