Nordic M&A News
February 13, 2018

- Denmark -

The consortium of PFA, PKA, ATP, and Macquarie makes another bid on TDC (Borsen)

TDC recommends its stockholders to accept the second offer from the consortium of PFA, PKA, ATP, and Macquarie at 50.25 DKK per share, which values the company at 40.8bn DKK. If the stockholders accept the offer, Macquarie will be the largest shareholder, owning 50% of the total shares. Along with this offer, the consortium has demanded the acquisition of MTG Nordics to be canceled. 

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The Danish family-owned Tefcold acquires British Interlevin (Borsen)

Tefcold, a family-owned refrigerator company, acquires the British Interlevin as they identify a large growth potential outside of Denmark. Recently, Jesper Kirkeby Hansen was appointed as the new CEO of Tefcold in order for the company to reach their top and bottom line growth targets. With a target of surpassing 1bn DKK revenue within the next 5 years, the newly appointed CEO has been part of acquiring Interlevin and establishing a new warehouse in Slovenia for the sake of reaching more European costumers. 

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- Sweden-

Lundin Petroleum has an acquisition capacity in the billion dollar class (SvD)

The Swedish oil company, Lundin Petroleum, is very active in examining various acquisition opportunities and the CEO, Alex Schneiter, told Bloomberg News, they are able to make billion-dollar acquisitions if they would like to.

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- Norway-

OpenGate Capital acquires 93 percent of the Norwegian company Jutøl (E24)

The Swedish Private Equity fund, Ratos, has sold all their stocks in Jutøl, one of the oldest producers of stoves, inserts, and fireplaces, to the US-based OpenGate Capital. The transaction values Jutøl at 360 million NOK and gives Ratos a profit of 40 million NOK, who has been owning 93% of the company since 2006.

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Prepared by Morten Loft Sørensen