Nordic M&A News
February 26, 2018

- Denmark -

Tennant rejects merger talks with Nilfisk (Borsen)

The Danish cleaning-equipment company Nilfisk fell 7,5 percent on the stock exchange after US-based Tennant dismissed talks of a merger between the two companies. The merger was proposed by Primestone Capital - a shareholder in of both companies.

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Danspin-owner open to selling the company (Borsen)

The Danish yarn spinning company Danspin is growing steadily with 7 percent revenue growth and has now reached a revenue of 361M DKK and profit of 22M DKK for the fiscal year 16/17. The owner Lars Gantzel Pedersen states that he is open to selling the company, but stresses that he is not in talks with anyone at the moment.

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- Sweden -

EQT Partners raises new fund of 10,75 Billion EUR (Realtid)

EQT Partners has raised a new fund named EQT VIII of 10,75B EUR. Around 70 percent of the raised funds are from investors in their last fund. The new fund will - as previous funds have - primarily invest venture capital in Northern European companies within Healthcare, TMT or the Service sector.

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- Norway -

Growing resistance within Hunter Group (Finansavisen)

Arne Fredlys offer to acquire 30 percent of Hunter Group, expires today at 5PM, and he has announced that he is heavily against the transaction of Hunter Group acquiring IKM Subea & Technology from Ståle Kyllingstad - which is yet to be approved by the shareholders. Now there is a growing resistance towards the transaction, counting investors such as Håkon Sæter and Per Øyvind Berge. 

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Oljefonden will look towards Private Equity in Germany (Finansavisen)

The Norwegian Oljefonden is seeking permission to invest up to 4 percent of their fund - equal to 330B NOK - in Private Equity, which is now limited to listed equities, bonds and real estate. CEO, Yngve Slyngstad has said that if permission is given, then they will be looking at private mid-sized German companies, especially within the machinery, chemistry and pharma sectors. The first private equity investments could happen as early as this year if permission is given.

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- Finland -

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Prepared by Kent Dalstrup