Nordic M&A News
March 5, 2018

- Denmark -

Procuritas acquires majority share in Byens Bilpleje (Fyens)

The Swedish Private Equity Firm Procuritas has acquired a majority share in the Danish car-service company Byens Bilpleje for an undisclosed amount. The goal for Byens Bilpleje is to become the European market leader within car-service, and future growth will come from a combination of acquisitions and organic growth. Byens Bilpleje has a revenue of 250M DKK and 400 employees.

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Luv Ventures will connect start-ups with large companies (Borsen)

Luv Ventures was recently founded by Lars Dalgaard, to invest in start-ups and better connect them with established companies. Lars Dalgaard was the Danish founder of SuccessFactors which he sold for 3.4B USD and became later one of the ten General Partners in Andreessen Horowitz. Luv Ventures will invest between 1 and 50M USD in companies.

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Jysk-Fynsk Kapital acquires BB Fiberbeton A/S (Press Release/Borsen)Jysk-Fynsk Kapital has acquired a majority share in BB Fiberbeton A/S, a producer of fiber-reinforced concrete. Jysk-Fynsk Kapital has an untraditional approach to private equity, as they invest with no exit date and is funded solely by the four founding families.

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- Sweden -

Securitas acquires Alphatron Security Systems (Realtid)

The Swedish security company, Securitas has acquired Dutch security firm, Alphatron Security Systems. Securitas is strengthening their position on the Dutch market, with the acquisition. Securitas has recently also acquired French-based Automatic Alarm and Hong-Kong based Johnson & Thompson. Alphatron has an annual revenue of 120M SEK and 48 employees.

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- Norway -

Nordic Waterproofing acquires a majority share in RVT (Press Release)

Nordic Waterproofing Group has acquired a 75 percent share in Norwegian prefabricated roofing producer, Ringsaker Vegg- og Takeelementer AS (RVT), through its Danish subsidiary Taasinge Elementer A/S. The shares in RVT was acquired for 38M SEK on a cash and debt-free basis, from management and the founders. 

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- Finland -

No news to report


Prepared by Kent Dalstrup