Nordic M&A News
September 25, 2018

- Denmark -

Grandhood receives DKK 20m in second funding round (Borsen)

The danish retirement savings app have received additional funding from a large investor group consisting of Sunstone Capital, Seed Capital and Speed Invest. Grandhood have now totally received DKK 25m in funding this year. Their product will launch in January and is targeting self-employed and small business owners.

Pitzner Gruppen acquires stake in Nordic Houseware Group (Borsen)

Pitzner Gruppen Holding, a part of Axel Pitzner Fonden, have acquired a majority stake in the danish plastic-giant Nordic Houseware Group. Pitzner Gruppen have acquired 60 % and the price is undisclosed. Nordic Houseware Group is the owner of Plast Team, who is a market leading plastic manufacturer, and ROOM Copenhagen, who is a brand extension specialist that work with LEGO among others.

Vækstpartner Kapital acquires stake in CIM Industrial Systems (Borsen)

Vækstpartner Kapital have acquired almost 44 % of the shares in CIM. Their common target is a global expansion and growth within the medical industry. The financial backing will launch a strategic partnership between CIM and another danish logistics operator, SVM Automatik. They will develop a serialization system that is developed under coming global, medical regulations.

- Sweden -

Swedish investors invest SEK 3.3m in Learning to Sleep (Press release)

The investors are Almi Invest, Alltrum, Proos Consulting and Malte Rohlin. Almi Invest have acquired the largest stake by investing SEK 1.5 m. Learning to Sleep have developed a KBT-tool for people with sleep problems. Their solution is clinically validated and the patient receives an individual 5-week treatment based on cognitive behavioral therapy and comes along with a personal sleep coach.

Vattenfall acquires wind power project (Press release)

Vattenfall has acquired the wind power project Klevberget in Sweden. The wind farm is expected to be operational in 2023. The installed power amounts to approx. 125 MW when finished. The acquisition is aligned with Vattenfall ambition to offer climate-friendly solutions.

- Norway -

DNB Forsikring fusions with Sparekassen 1 Skadesforsikring (DN)

The two large Norwegian financial institutions have signed an agreement of fusion their insurance companies to establish Norway’s third largest insurance company. The mutual company have a estimated valuation of NOK 20bn. The mutual company will continue as a sister company under Sparebanken 1.

Broadnet/GlobalConnect are looking for acquisitions (Computerworld)

After the fusion of Broadnet and GlobalConnect earlier this month their strategy have now been revealed. They are looking to acquire companies to maintain their position as leading fiber based supplier of data communication in Northern Europe. Their main share owner are EQT fully aligned with their strategy.

- Finland -

No news to report


Prepared by Anton Søeberg