Nordic M&A News
August 9, 2018

- Denmark -

Maj Invest postpones the sale of Sticks'n'Sushi (Borsen)

Maj Invest has been preparing an exit from Sticks'n'Sushi for several years but has now decided to postpone the sale. The cause of concern is the exposure to the UK with the upcoming Brexit but also changes in management. Revenue was 449M DKK in the last fiscal year, with a small profit of 5.2M DKK. 

- Sweden -

Beijer Ref acquires Lumelco SA (Cision)

Beijer Ref has acquires Spanish Lumelco SA both operating in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning wholesale space. The acquisition will strengthen Beijer Refs position in Southern Europe. Bejler Ref acquires Lumelco from the Lumbrera family, as well as the Spanish private equity firm Diana Capital. Lumelcos revenue in 2017 was approximately 400M SEK. 

Electrolux divests BEAM and Sanitaire in North America (Cision)

Electrolux has announced that they have divested part of their US-based commercial and central vacuum cleaners division. The divested businesses had a total revenue of 70M USD in 2017. The sale of operations related to the Sanitaire brand was sold to BISSEL Inc. and operations related to the BEAM brand was sold to Nuera Air. 

- Norway -

No news to report 

- Finland -

Halton Group acquires LCSystems Inc. (Press Release)

Halton Group, a Finnish indoor air company has acquired US manufacturer of air equipment for kitchens, LCSystems Inc. The deal comes as a result of Halton Group trying to break into the air solutions for professional kitchens category. The deal was valued at slightly less than 4M USD


Prepared by Kent Dalstrup