Nordic M&A News
August 23, 2018

- Denmark -

American investor wants to establish a Danish fund for Robotics companies (Borsen)

The recent sales of the Danish robotics companies Universal Robots and Mobile Industrial Robots have resulted in international investors to invest in smaller Danish robotics companies. Recently, the American investor Daniel Curran was in Odense to meet entrepreneurs, who are looking for funding. Daniel Curran wants to raise up to DKK 2bn, and therefore, he has also been talking to institutional investors and funds. 

- Sweden -

Aspia acquires the Nordic payroll specialist DLN (Realtid)

Aspia has acquired the payroll service specialist DLN Payroll Services, which strengthens their product portfolio. It is expected to be completed by the end of September. With the acquisition, Aspia is trying to establish itself in Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Aspia was established by PWC selling its accounting business and it has been a fully-owned company with 1100 employees since July 1st.  

The gym chain Sats acquires Balance (Realtid)

With the acquisition of Balance, Sats aims to strengthen its position in the training industry's premium segment. Balance has three training facilities located in Stockholm, Solna and in Täby. They have 120 employees, approx. 7,000 members, and reported sales of close to SEK 50m. Sats reported sales of SEK 1.2bn in 2017 and has following this acquisition 75 training facilities in Sweden.


- Norway -

Perfect Temperature Group acquires FrioNordica (Fiskeribladet)

Perfect Temperature Group (PTG), a manufacture of cooling systems, acquires FrioNordica. PTG brings the ownership of FrioNordica and Kuldeteknisk together in a new-established group. Partner in Nord Kapitalforvaltning, which is the majority investor in PTG, Anders Hoifødt says that FrioNordica and Kuldeteknisk complete their product portfolio for international growth.  

- Finland -

Agency company Cassius merges with Miltton (Press Release)

As of September 1st 2018, Cassius merges with the consultancy firm Miltton. Managing director Jarkko Konttinen says it is a great opportunity for both the companies and the clients, who will receive even better service following this acquisition. 


Prepared by Morten Loft Sørensen