Nordic M&A News
August 20, 2018

- Denmark -

Maersk Drilling will IPO after a failed private sale (Borsen)

Maersk Drilling will IPO sometime next year, which comes as a result of trying to sell the business for several years. According to the Management of A.P. Moeller Maersk, it was not possible to find a buyer in the industry, that had the capacity to acquire Maersk Drilling.

Anytech365 considering sale (Borsen)

Anytech365 has in less than 4 years grown to 300 employees and a revenue of 200M DKK. Anytech365 provides online tech support was founded by Janus Nielsen and Henrik Sørensen. They have been approached by a US-based market leader and the offer is around 300M DKK. Anytech365 is still considering if they should wait and continue growing the company, before an exit.

Altor's acquisition of Haarslev is proving problematic (Borsen)

Altor's acquisition of Haarslev, a Danish supplier of machines for the meat processing industry is proving problematic. This year Haarslev showing a 136M DKK loss and the company has lost a lawsuit against Oestergaard A/S. Problems arose after Altor fired Claus Østergaard, the previous CEO of the firm, as it led to the formation of a direct competitor Oestergaard A/S.

- Sweden -

No news to report

- Norway -

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- Finland -

Veho acquires Auto-Centrum (Cision)

Finnish Veho acquires the Swedish firm Auto-Centrum, provider of transport solutions for the auto industry. The acquisition expands activities within heavy vehicles across Sweden. Veho already has more than 222 employees in Sweden and 15% percent of the revenue comes from Sweden.


Prepared by Kent Dalstrup