Nordic M&A News
August 27, 2018

- Denmark -

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- Sweden -

Vehco acquires Groeneveld ICT Solutions (MyNewsDesk)

AddSecure-owned Vehco has acquired Groeneveld ICT Solutions, a supplier of fleet-management solutions. Groeneveld ICT Solutions has a customer-base across the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain and Poland - and they had a revenue of 13M EUR last year. Vehco is seeing this as a step towards becoming the leading player in fleet-management solutions.

Hedin Bil acquires J-Automotive BVBA (NewsCision)

I.A. Hedin Bil has through its subsidiary acquires J-Automotive BVBA. The deal includes two Mercedez-Benz dealerships in Belgium. The business employed 140 professionals and a turnover of 100M EUR in 2017. I.A. Hedin Bil is the largest privately owned retailer of automotive in the Nordics.

- Norway -

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- Finland -

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Prepared by Kent Dalstrup