Nordic M&A News
January 11, 2018

- Denmark -

Accelerace raises DKK 10.5m from Færchfonden, Vækstfonden and Symbion (Vækstfonden)

Accelerace is a leading seed accelerator in Europe, and with the recent investment, more entrepreneurs will benefit from the international investor network which Accelerace is creating for them. The money raised will help Accelerace growing internationally.

Cardlay raises DKK 30m from multiple investors (Borsen)

Jørgen Christian Juul, founder of the fintech company Cardlay, has in two years established a new system for card payments. With Cardlay, companies can create a virtual payment card in seconds and receive physical payment cards within 3 days. Seed Capital is one of the investors, and general partner Lars Andersen believes that Cardlay can be a large company. Today, Cardlay have 31 employees.

Sweco acquires Årstiderne Arkitekter (Borsen)

The Swedish company Sweco has acquired Årstiderne Arkitekter, which has its offices in Silkeborg, Denmark. With the acquisition, Årstiderne will get 25 of Swecos Danish architects and the new department will consists of about 250 employees. With the acquisition, Sweco positions itself better for both engineering and architectural solutions, which is experiencing increasing demands.

Vækstfonden invests DKK 190m in Area9 Lyceum (Vækstfonden)

Area9 Lyceum, who develops adaptive learning modules, has received an investment of DKK 190m by Vækstfonden. The investment will support the development of the company and help Denmark position itself as a leader in the field of education technology, as Area9 develops digital training tools for schoolkids, students and staff.


Prepared by Morten Loft Sørensen