Nordic M&A News
October 2, 2018

- Denmark -

Gurit acquires JSB Group for DKK 520m (Finans)
Swiss company Gurit acquires the Danish windmill company JSB Group. JSB Group produces interior materials and technology for the wings to windmills. JSB Group was owned by Verdane. The deal value is DKK 520m and Gurit has acquired all shares to become market leading.

Offspring Capital acquires Mouseflow for DKK 200m (Borsen)
Offspring has bought a stake size of 60 % and paid around DKK 200m according to Borsen sources. The story was included in our newsletter in late September but now the size of the deal has been partly disclosed. Mouseflow is expected to continue strong growth and strengthens its market leading position in USA.  

TCM Group is looking for inexpensive acquisitions (Borsen)
The danish kitchen company are looking into acquisitions in the nordic area and expects a lower cost due to weak Norwegian and Swedish Krone. The company went public last year and acquisitions is a part of their growth strategy.

Ørsted finalizes acquisition of Lincoln Clean Energy (Borsen)
Ørsted now owns all shares in Lincoln Clean Energy. The story was included in our newsletter early August. Ørsted says, that the acquisition will be the only one in its segment. The deal value was USD 580m.

- Sweden -

Ambea acquires High School company Kung Saga (DI)
The care company Ambea has acquired the Swedish company Kung Saga. Kung saga is in charge of a High Schools in Stockholm. Kung Saga offers 45 school sites and 30 places for leisure. The deal value is undisclosed.

Instalco acquires Rörman in Svedala (DI)
Instalco strengthens its position in Skåne after the acquisition of Rörman. Rörman is a pipeline and plumbing company who had approx. SEK 30m in net sales last fiscal year. With the acquisition, Instalco also acquires the subsidiary Rörlägggaren.

- Norway -

Nordic American Offshore merge with Horizon Maritime Services (DN)  
The Norwegian/American offshore company did announce yesterday that it has signed a letter of intent to merge with Canadian Horizon Maritime Services. The companies will remain their individual headquarters in Canada and Norway and complement each other across the Atlantic for a strong market position.

Equinor acquires 40 % stake in Rosebank (Press release)
Equinor has signed an agreement to acquire 40 % of Rosebank. Rosebank is one of the largest undeveloped findings on the British continent. Equinor will become majority owner together with Suncor Energy. They both own 40 %. The last 20 % is owned by Siccar Point Energy. The price is undisclosed.

- Finland -

Terveystalo acquires massage company Rela-Group (Press release)
Terveystalo has acquired all shares in Rela. The company has expanded to 31 units and 4 franchises in 6 year. The price is undisclosed. The company has eight employees and 140 self-employed masseurs and a total turnover of EUR 3.3m. Terveystalo employs approx. 1,000 people in their well-being segment which this acquisition will become a part of.

Terveystalo acquires massage company Rela-Group  (Kauppalehti)
The Finnish/Japanese joint venture makes a EUR 40m investment in a industrial test plant for textiles in Ääbekoski in Finland. The plant is located next to Metsä Groups biotech plant and production is expected to begin in 2019.



Prepared by Anton Søeberg