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Pkuhipa and Dammageda join forces and form a full-service group in the demolition and recycling industry
January 9, 2018

A fund managed by the Finnish private equity company Sentica becomes majority owner of Purkupiha and Dammega in order to support the companies’ growth. The owners of both companies retain a significant stake and continue as operative leaders in the new group. Purkupiha is a company specialized in the demolition of entire buildings and factories. In addition to heavy demolition, the company’s core business includes recycling and re-use of building materials. Dammega is a company specialized in the removal of asbestos and other hazardous substances. In addition, the company conducts demanding renovation demolition work. The companies’ combined sales exceed EUR 20 million.

ⓘ This story was originally featured in our daily M&A Insights newsletter.
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