Strategy Insights
July 27, 2018

Strengthen your attention and reduce distractability (TED)

Research indicates our minds wander 50 percent of our waking hours, but neuroscientist Amishi Jha shares how mindfulness training can reduce this. Her research efforts have focused on high-stress groups such as military personnel and she has shown how attention declines under intense stress, but if the subject has practiced mindfulness training their attention will remain stable under intense stress.

Some of the biggest companies are founded by immigrants (Fast Company)

What would the U.S. be without Amazon and Apple? Both companies are founded by second-generation immigrants and a full 25 percent of all entrepreneurs in the U.S. are immigrants. So why are immigrants more entrepreneurial? Another HBR article explores this here.

Want less biased decisions? Use algorithms (HBR)

How do the bias and performance of algorithms compare with the status quo? According to this article from Harvard Business Review, humans are remarkably bad decision makers and there is a lot of research supporting it. An example is a study that found companies with algorithmically selected board members, performed better and selected less male directors, than those without.

How not to let your phone ruin your vacation (New York Times)

Phones are obviously useful tools, but how do you make sure that constantly checking your email doesn't ruin your vacation? This article gives several ideas on how to prepare yourself and your phone for your upcoming vacation. 


Prepared by Kent Dalstrup