Strategy Insights
July 13, 2018

The industrial era ended, and so will the digital era (HBR)

Every new technology follows a similar path of discovery, engineering, and transformation, but as the author argues we could be seeing the end of the digital era. The three main arguments are 1) Moore's law is ending 2) with democratization of digital technology comes commoditization 3) digital applications are becoming mature.

Want to discover your sense of purpose at work? Here’s how (TED)

Having a purpose at the workplace can help us overcome obstacles easier. It's not just about the short-term goals, reasearch tells us having a vision for the company is linked to the success of the company. Lastly, it is important to remember purpose is ongoing and iterative.

4 ways to create a learning culture on your team (HBR)

According to research only 20 percent of employees employ effective learning at their workplace, so how do you create a learning culture at your workplace? This article gives you four science-based options. 1) reward continous learning 2) give meaningful feedback 3) lead by example 4) hire curious people. 

5 ways to make tough decisions faster and not regret them (Fast Company)

If you are spending too much time on decisions and then regretting them after, these five options can help make better decisions and feel more comfortable with them. 1) fall back on your values 2) talk it through 3) ask for perspective 4) test it out first 5) listen to your hopes.


Prepared by Kent Dalstrup