Strategy Insights
July 20, 2018

The final nail in the coffin of open plans (Fast Company)

A recent study from Harvard Business School finds that open plans don't increase collaboration, in fact, employees in open-plan offices spend 73 percent less time on face-to-face interactions and send 67 percent more emails/messages. Research shows that when employees can't concentrate, they communicate less - which could be a driver of the findings.

Creating a purpose-driven organization (HBR)

Purpose is not just an ideal, it can have practical implications on a company's financial performance. According a study which included 500.000 people across 429 firms, suggested a positive financial impact (return on assets) when companies communicated their purpose clearly to their employees. The article contains eight essential steps on how to implement purpose in your organisation.

Unleashing the power of small, independent teams (McKinsey)

Small independent teams are the lifeblood of an agile organization. While the success of small teams depend on the actions of the individuals, senior executives in the organization must create an environment where they can thrive. This article explores the power of small teams and how leaders can empower them.

Why sleeping more will help the economy of nations (Financial Times)

A recent RAND report has estimated that shifting school starting times to 8:30am in the US, would add 140bn USD to the national economy over 15 years. Another 2016 RAND report estimated that employees sleeping less than 7 hours a night cost the US 400bn USD a year, as a result of lost productivity. 


Prepared by Kent Dalstrup