Strategy Insights
August 3, 2018

Why summer is the best time of the year to ask for a promotion (FC)

According to a study that reviewed data from 3.5M employees, the summer is the best time of the year to ask for a promotion. On the other hand, the worst time of the year to ask for a promotion is in the fall, when firms are closing their financial years. It is a natural cycle across the year, according to Ian Cook from Visier Analytics who conducted the study.

How managers can prevent their teams from burning out (HBR)

Deloitte conducted a recent study of 1.000 full-time employees across the US and found that 77% had experienced a burn-out at their current job. This was even in spite of 87% of recipients said that they have a passion for their job. Some of the things that can prevent burn-outs across organizations are; real weekends and holidays, flexible work options, wellness programs and a culture of recognition.

Are there bubbles in space? (QZ)

Investors have already poured more than 1B USD of venture capital into aerospace start-ups this year according to Preqin. It is an industry dominated by conglomerates such as Boeing and Airbus, but early-stage investors are increasingly seeing potential in the sector. The industry has especially gained traction with the achievements of Elon Musk's SpaceX and Jeff Bezos' Blue Origen, but can the excitement and success spread to smaller start-ups?

Three questions nontechnical employees need to know about AI (HBR)

What should all employees - not just the machine-learning experts - know about AI? This article outlines the three most important questions. The first question is how does it work? The second question is what is it good, which naturally leads to the last question, what should it never do?


Prepared by Kent Dalstrup