Strategy Insights
August 10, 2018

AI to rate and improve the skills of your employees (MIT Technology)

The online learning site Coursera has developed a new AI-powered tool that oversees corporate training programs. The tool tracks employees skills in areas such as data- and computer science, through the courses they participate in on the site. By using data gathered companies can now see how their individual employees perform compared to other firms, find gaps in knowledge and spot highly-skilled (and maybe undervalued) employees within a specific area.

MBAs and diversification strategies (HBR)

According to a recent study, getting an MBA really does influence how you make decisions later on. This recent HBR article explores how having an MBA affects CEOs decisions on corporate diversification. Most noticeably it mattered when they took an MBA, the CEOs who earned an MBA before 1970 were 17% more likely to pursue a diversification strategy (than non-MBA peers), but those who got an MBA after the 1970s were 30% more likely to pursue a diversification strategy.

Overwhelmed at work? (Fast Company)

This article explores four ways you might be making things harder for yourself and how to fix it. 1) you're clinging to outdated processes 2) you're seeking everybody's stamp of approval 3) you're forgetting previous feedback and 4) planning for every possible scenario. 

How to inform your team of organizational change (HBR)

Every leader needs to deliver news that can be hard for employees to hear. This article from HBR explains how leaders can communicate the news in the best way. Some of the main points are 1) plan to use more time than you expect on preparation, explanation, and follow-up. 2) equip all levels of management to explain the context 3) describe the organizational pain 4) personalize the impact and resolution.


Prepared by Kent Dalstrup