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Swedencare acquires British animal health company Nutravet at EV / EBITDA 11.8x
September 25, 2020
Publ. listed animal health company Swedencare has acquired 100 pct. of the British
company Nutravet. Through the acquisition, Swedencare will receive a product portfolio of nutraceuticals in the premium segment for dogs and cats. The acquired company had sales of GBP 5.4m for the period July 2019 – June 2020 and EBITDA of GBP 2.8m (EBITDA margin of 51%). The company is acquired at a price of GBP 33m, corresponding to an EV / EBITDA of 11.8x. Furthermore, it is announced that Swedencare will carry out a direct new share issue to raise SEK 300m to finance the acquisition. The Law firm Lindahl KB and Pareto Securities AB have assisted Swedencare with advice in the transaction.
ⓘ This story was originally featured in our daily M&A Insights newsletter.
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