Target Screening Report: Nordic CDMO Market
June 14, 2018


The drug industry’s desire to tap emerging opportunities, combined with its focus on innovative therapies, is reshaping the Biopharmaceutical Contract Development and Manufacturing (CDMO) industry.

Key dynamics driving the growth for the Nordic CDMO players:

  • Regulatory support for ‘breakthrough therapies’ - developers recognize the value of making such medicines available to patients as quickly as possible, and therefore focus their R&D efforts on innovative, high value therapies
  • Shortened new drug development timelines - in particular drugs targeting oncology
  • New regulatory reforms - creating opportunities for more and more companies from other regions than US, such as China, Japan and Canada to develop new drugs for global markets
  • Ageing global population - increasing elderly population is prompting drug companies to hike production volumes to cater for growing demand
  • Emerging new markets - new markets are emerging as healthcare standards improve around the world
  • Increasing demands for a full-service offering - to help manage the complexity of the drug development process drug companies seek to form long term strategic partnerships, share expertise and help along the entire life-cycle of the product
  • Increase demand for outsourcing production - technically challenged drug companies are starting to outsource production to access external expertise, technology or capacity unavailable in-house
  • However, significant R&D investment, capacity and market reach is needed to capture these opportunities and there is a growing price pressure in the marketplace

We have identified and profiled 6 privately-owned Nordic CDMO-players in this showcase Target Screening Report:Biovian, Fermion, Finvector Vision Therapies, Qpharma, Bioglan, and Unimedic Pharma.


Prepared by Caroline Sofie Kihlgren