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VNV Global-backed Voi Technology opens op for future IPO
September 23, 2020
Voi Technology backed by Vostok New Ventures, a Swedish start-up aiming to offer electrically powered scooters, has taken a real turn in its valuation in 2020 and its valuation has fallen by 34 pct. The scooter company has been affected by the corona situation and secured SEK 220m in capital injection after reporting a loss of SEK 770m. In VNV Global's half-year report Voi Technology is valued at approx. SEK 1.8bn. Vois' CFO Mathias Hermansson now states that the company has a positive EBITDA and VNV Global predicts a possible annual profit of USD 100m in the near future. If the company continues with a positive cash flow an IPO would be a possible alternative next year.
ⓘ This story was originally featured in our daily M&A Insights newsletter.
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