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We help our expert interview customers and other stakeholders stay on top of the Nordic M&A markets, pick up on key trends, and forecast upcoming deal opportunities in the region.
Our data has been covered by:

Giving you the full picture - on time

We cut out the noise and bring you all of the relevant insights and data on time in a highly-curated and easily digestible format, making it easier to spot new opportunities and connect with your clients.

✓ Maximum relevance

Our native-Nordic Analyst team carefully select and summarize every single story, capturing more nuances and Nordic deals than any other M&A data provider.

✓ Granularity and depth

We go to great lengths to provide the full picture and capture key details including multiples, target financials, and buyer and vendor characteristics.

✓ Forward-looking insights

We closely monitor virtually all private-equity backed firms in the Nordics including their current ownership period, profitability, and how fast they are growing.

Your Nordic M&A Newsletter Subscription

In addition to the daily and monthly updates, subscribers enjoy full access to all of the underlying data through our online M&A Portal, including the interactive Private Equity Portfolio Tracker.

✓ Daily Newsletter

Comes 8.30 all weekdays as an executive summary easily read on your phone, segmented by country and typically including between 8 and 15 stories.

✓ Monthly reports

Subscribers receive a number of monthly reports with deal highlights, private equity activity (including add-on acquisitions), and forward looking analyses of PE-pipelines.

✓ Online data access

Subscribers who like to play with the data themselves can access all of the underlying data through our online M&A Portal, including the Private Equity Portfolio Tracker.

Some of our existing subscribers

Top investment teams and advisory firms exposed to M&A and private equity rely on the M&A Newsletter service to stay up top of the market and generate new opportunities.

2 out of the top 3 global strategy consultancies

Leading Pan-Nordic buy-out fund

Top cross-Nordic corporate finance adviser

"Big-four" management consulting firm

Listed C-25 corporate M&A team

Swedish mid-market investment bank

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