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A story in our newsletter is a great way for company owners to raise awareness among potential investors and pretest the market without committing to anything - our data service M&A Insights is the preferred intelligence source among top investors active in the Nordics.


Private Equity Investment Funds Active In the Region


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Why share your story through us?

We are a well-known independent information service provider to the investment community in the Nordics, which includes keeping our clients updated on potential investment opportunities through a daily newsflow - having a story in our newsletter is a neat way for company-owners to pretest and generate in-bound investor interest through without committing to anything.

✓ Zero commitment

Pretest and drive inbound investor interest for your business at a very early stage without committing to anything.

✓ No costs or hidden fees

It is completely free to get the word out through us, and there are no hidden fees to get introduced to investors or similar.

✓ Flexible storyline

Whether you are just exploring strategic partnerships or looking for expansion capital it is likely relevant to our subscribers.

✓ Keep it non-official

We use many types of sources and can word your story as an "unconfirmed rumor we have picked up in the M&A market".

✓ Maintain the upper hand

Having investors approaching you rather than going to market is an attractive starting point for any future negotiations.

✓ Keep your options open

If, when, and how you want to react to any inbound investor interest is completely up to you, we stay out of the loop.

The Nordics is a popular investment theme

A stable and transparent political and macro-economic environment, low unemployment rates, and a highly educated workforce are among the factors that make investors increasingly look towards the Nordics.


Private Equity Funds Active In the Region


Strategic Players With Recent Acquisitions


Median Valuation Relative to EBITDA


Median Annual Revenue of Acquired Firms


Median Annual EBITDA of Acquired Firms


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Getting in front of top investors and M&A advisers

As part of our M&A Insights platform, the story will be featured in our daily M&A Newsletter and added to the online M&A Portal which is used daily by top investors and market-leading corporations for identifying and evaluating suitable investment opportunities and strategic partners.

Which stories are relevant?

The below are just a few non-exhaustive examples of the types of intelligence our clients appreciate - we are happy to align the wording of the story with your preferences, and we can refer to "rumors in the market picked up by NKP" as our source if you prefer to keep it on an anonymous and non-confirmed basis.

✓ Looking to Sell a Minority or Majority Stake

✓ Considering a Capital Raise or Future IPO

✓ Exploring Strategic Partnerships

✓ Looking For Suitable Acquisition Targets

✓ Change of Management or Ownership

✓ Evaluating Different Strategic Directions

Some of our current subscribers

More than 40 investment and advisory teams rely on our M&A Insights platform to stay on top of the market and discover new opportunities.

3 out of the top 3 global strategy consultancies

Leading Pan-Nordic private equity fund

Top-5 European private equity fund

"Big-four" management consulting firm

Listed Large Cap (C25) Corporate M&A Team

Global top-20 private equity fund

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