Our Solutions

Our clients come to us to acquire highly qualified and actionable knowledge which we deliver through micro-consulting engagements with carefully selected experts (typically 1 hour over the phone).
Target Screening Report

Utilizing our refined research methodology and expert network we can scope an industry to identify suitable investment targets.

Nordic M&A Newsletter

We are experts in retrieving and consolidating key information within our focus markets, which we share via different channels.

How it works


Email or call your dedicated account rep whenever it suits you (we work long and flexible hours).


We start sourcing and present recommended experts as they come in or in end-of-day updates.


Based on our findings, you decide which expert(s) to engage with (there is no binding to do any interviews).


We set up the conference call and diligently handle all practicalities around scheduling to ensure a great experience for all parties.

Want to know more?

We offer both pay-per-use and subscription-based solutions and we always operate from a "no cure - no pay" principle.