The leading knowledge-broker in the Nordics

Nordic Knowledge Partners connects its clients with industry experts through micro-consulting engagements, leveraging a unique knack for serving businesses which operate in or out of the Nordics.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide top-tier professionals with frictionless access to the best knowledge: reflecting our belief in the value of knowledge held by humans and honed through hands-on experience.
Corporations, consultancies and investment firms rely on Nordic Knowledge Partners' sector-agnostic ability to facilitate micro-consulting engagements with subject-matter experts at short notice.
We have an unmatched track-record for Nordic-related cases and for helping Nordic-based teams of all sizes navigate the global marketplace.

"Nordic Knowledge Partners was created around the founding team's own experiences in private equity and strategy consulting. Enabled by today's online connectivity, we focus on high-touch service and serving businesses with a Nordic angle"

Andreas von Buchwald

Use cases

We help our clients answer questions like: how is my target perceived by its customers and competitors, what are the current dynamics and future outlook of this industry, and how can I avoid any post-investment surprises? See a few examples here.