Accelerating professional knowledge-sharing

Nordic Knowledge Partners connects senior professionals with leading industry experts to empower better business decisions

What drives us

We work to accelerate professional knowledge-sharing and empower better business decisions with a unique knack for helping teams operating in or out of the Nordics.
Industry leading corporations, top-tier consultants, and investment firms rely on Nordic Knowledge Partners' ability to identify and provide access to the best industry experts in an efficient and expeditious manner.
We have access to the highest-quality experts across all geographic markets; so far we have connected clients with advisers from 92 different countries.

"Nordic Knowledge Partners was created around the founding team's own experiences in private equity and strategy consulting. Based on a strong belief in the value of quality and flexibility, we wanted to create a native Nordic player in the developing knowledge services field"

Andreas von Buchwald

What we do

What is something you are working on right now, where the answer is not clear, or you feel you do not have sufficient information to make the best possible decision?