Equity research for M&A professionals

Launched in 2022, Public Equity from NKP is a streamlined M&A-centric approach to screening and analyzing listed companies in Europe, North America, and Australia (~ Western markets).
Companies with analyst coverage
Sets of analyst estimates

Integrated M&A and Stock Research

We have combined NKP'smarket leading (Nordic) M&A intelligence with a globally covering equity research solution in one integrated cloud application, making comps analysis that much easier.

Automated private equity (LBO) valuation model

Company profiles include a complete leveraged buyout model (LBO) and resulting IRRs to assess the takeover potential through the eyes of a private equity fund - our proprietary LBO model is updated every day using the latest trading data and analysts forecasts and can be downloaded to Excel for further analysis.

Report on (likely) public-to-private takeover targets

We identify and describe the most likely Nordic takeover targets seen through the eyes of private equity funds by simulating a full leveraged buyout (LBO) valuation model for each stock using the newest trading data and analyst forward estimates.

Granular M&A-centric stock screening

Detailed company screening filters including enterprise value, historical relative valuation development and four layers of GICS industry tags.

Detailed valuation metrics

Compare enterprise value with both current, historical, and expected performance based on detailed financial reporting and forward analyst estimates.

Market sentiment and recommendation trends

Detailed insights into the distribution of analyst recommendations over time as well as each price target's implied valuation.

Detailed historical financials and analyst forecast

Four years of historical financial development and four years of analyst forecasts, with detailed P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statements.

Searchable press releases and company news

Detailed shareholders data

Peer group valuation and performance analysis

Predefined peer groups for upcoming M&A targets

NKP creates and shares predefined peer groups for new M&A opportunities covered in the daily M&A Insights newsletter with click-through to the full peer group and its trading and performance stats.

The value of integrated stock and M&A research

Effectively estimate the value of any M&A target or portfolio firm based on that of comparable listed companies operating in the same geographic markets.
Understand growth and margin expansion potential for a M&A target or portfolio firm through analyst forward estimates for comparable listed firms.
Identify public-to-private opportunities by looking at current vs. historical relative valuation such as the EV/EBITDA (TTM) over time.
Easily identify potential buyers for a M&A target among the World of stock-exchange listed firms whether you are working buy-side or sell-side.
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About NKP | Public Equity

Nordic Knowledge Partners (NKP) was founded by Andreas von Buchwald, a former Investment Manager with private equity firm Axcel, and we all come from a financial background with an ingrained passion for M&A.

M&A Insights, our core offering, was launched in 2018 and have grown to become the leading platform for principal investors and M&A professionals operating in the Nordics with a majority of the sponsors operating in the region (including non-Nordic funds) being long-term subscribers.

In October 2022 we launched the Public Equity platform thereby offering M&A professionals an integrated solution for analysing both the private (Nordic) M&A market and publicly-listed companies globally.

Jasmine Allaby has experience as a Project Manager from the expert network ThirdBridge in London where she worked with management consulting clients across Europe. Prior to that, Jasmine worked with PR-firm Neil Reading. A native speaker in English, French, and Spanish, Jasmine holds a B.A. from King's College London and a MSc (Management) from University College London (UCL).

Andreas von Buchwald
CEO & Founder
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