M&A Insights for Private Equity

Deep investment research and proprietary M&A intelligence based on unique market access and structured data analysis that helps you build investment pipeline and stay ahead of movements and trends in the Nordic and German M&A markets.
Some of Our Existing Subscribers

Companies Held for Sale

We talk to company owners, funds, and key stakeholders in the market on a daily basis to maintain an always up-to-date overview of live, paused, and planned sales processes across the Nordics and Germany.

Well Structured Investment Research

Quickly build an overview of recent and historical intelligence on a specific situation or transaction and combine your search with filters for a specific target, investor, industry, practice area, source type, and much more.

Identify and analyse secondary opportunities

We systematically monitor and provide unique insights into all private equity-backed companies in the Nordics and Germany (~2,238 firms) which helps investment teams identify future opportunities based on holding period, financial performance, and fund structure.

Equity research for M&A professionals

Launched in 2022 and completementing the existing M&A Insights offering, Public Equity from NKP is a streamlined M&A-centric approach to screening and analyzing all listed companies in Europe, North America, and Australia (~ Western markets).
Companies with analyst coverage
Sets of analyst estimates

Quick and Effective Multiples Analysis

We provide the most detailed data and insights for Nordic transactions which includes proprietary multiples based on our retrospective ongoing analysis of transaction values which we retrieve form a combination of public and non-public sources.

Team Up With The Right Advisors Early

We diligently collect information on corporate finance and legal advisory mandates for sell-side and buy-side for all Nordic transactions - this helps our clients identify advisors with sector-, and case-specific experience before the process kicks-off.

Native export to Powerpoint, PDF, and Excel

Company one-pagers, investor profiles, and private equity fund reports and much more can be exported as editable PowerPoint presentations with the click of a button to allow for easy internal sharing and preparation for client meetings.
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