About Nordic Knowledge Partners

Based out of Copenhagen, Denmark, Nordic Knowledge Partners connects clients with industry experts for micro-consulting engagements (typically one hour over the phone).
Employing a personalized and highly flexible service model, we serve professionals in management consulting, private equity, and corporations of different sizes, as they explore new business or investment opportunities.

The industry experts

Most of the experts we engage with are not working as consultants nor are they actively looking for consulting work. As a result, we operate a high-touch personalized service model to ensure that all engagements are meaningful, saving time for both our clients and expert advisors.
Experts are senior industry professionals who speak from a position of authority within their respective domains. An expert's knowledge has been accumulated through years of front-line experience and unquestionable results which is what makes it valuable and actionable.
NKP works with experts on an invitation-only basis. If you have been contacted by a member of our team, it is because your knowledge may be relevant to a current project for an NKP client. We have so far connected clients with experts from 91 different countries.

Why our model works

Powered by today's digital connectivity, virtually every senior professional can be reached through a variety of online channels, including LinkedIn, or through referrals from these channels.
Your success as a trusted knowledge-partner therefore depends on the ability to create rapport with senior specialists and evaluate and communicate their knowledge against a highly client and case-specific topic. That is why we focus on helping clients with a Nordic angle; teams operating in or out of the Nordics.
We have to date worked with experts from 91 different countries and we focus relentlessly on constantly innovating and refining our approach. 90% of the interactions we facilitate take place within 3 days from when we receive the client request.

90% of our expert calls take place within 3 days from the client brief

Finding the right experts

We operate within a rigorous compliance and confidentiality framework and employ a high-touch personalized approach which results in more meaningful client-expert interactions.
Creating the long-list (100%)
Resumé review (10%)
Written pre-screen (5%)
Pre-interview (2%)
Shortlist (1%)

Interested in a quick briefing?

We offer both pay-per-use and subscription-based solutions and we always operate from a "no cure - no pay" principle.