Empowering better business decisions

Based out of Copenhagen, Denmark, Nordic Knowledge Partners is a specialized information services firm, which connects professional investors and business decision-makers with top industry experts through micro-consulting engagements.

The industry experts

Experts are senior industry professionals who speak from a position of authority within their respective domains, and are capable of providing nuanced actionable insights.
Most of the experts we work with are not working as consultants nor are they actively looking for consulting work. As a result, our experts tend to find that the concept of a 60 min. phone consultation aligns well with a busy schedule.
We operate a high-touch service model, diligently ensuring that no consultation represents a conflict of interest.
If you have been contacted by a member of our team, it is because we are working on a live project where we believe your inputs would be highly valuable to our client.

How it works

Interested in a quick briefing?

We offer both pay-per-use and subscription-based solutions and we always operate from a "no cure - no pay" principle.